I’m here to tell you the most phenomenal story you have ever heard and to ask for your support in healing my son which will soon be a blueprint to healing MANY CHILDREN! My 5 year old son, Isa was Diagnosed with stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma cancer at the height of the Global Pandemic in April, 2020. He was a normal, sweet, happy and healthy kid. His Pop Pop passed away and the next day fell to the floor and couldn’t walk. He was then diagnosed with what is known as the worst childhood cancer. Throughout this journey of countless hospital stays, chemotherapy weekly, surgeries, daily needles for over a year, large brain tumors, etc. Isa went through a deep metamorphosis. Through this extreme trial this -at the time- 3 year old was faced with he transformed into an even more compassionate, intuitive and awakened being. Their was a bright light and deep love that flowed from inside this child out to all of those around him. As his mother, I was shown that this trial is only preparing us for a huge testimony and through this we will be able to help so many others. Fast forward to now, Isa is 5 years old. This summer Isa began to grow large tumors around his head causing him to lose his vision, memory, ability to walk, etc. we did the first stage of treatment (5rounds of chemo) along with Intravenous Vitamin C to keep him strong during the chemo and Isa is doing great now with almost all signs of cancer gone. The next steps that the hospital proposed would be to do 2 stem cell transplants, radiation, and another year of chemo. All of that comes with extreme risks and the treatment is only 30% successful!
After years of my own research, after speaking with many pediatric oncologist, and many parents who claim to have lost their children due to the standard aggressive treatment I have finally been shown the best path for Isa. We have been blessed to have found a world renowned pediatric Oncologist here in America who has outstanding success rate treating Nueroblastoma in children WITHOUT HIGH DOSE CHEMO! Isa would be able to go to her beautiful facility and be treated like an individual and with gentleness of a staff that is not overwhelmed and rushing. Isa is a beautiful child and deserves the best care and a treatment plan that will make him stronger, not weaker. PLEASE HELP US IN ANY AND EVERY POSSIBLE WAY YOU CAN! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! PLEASE DONATE AND I PRAY THAT EVERYONE WHO HELPS US WILL RECEIVE IT BACK 10 FOLD! In helping Isa, you are helping many children down the line. We are here to create positive change.
Continue to visualize Isa in the best of health! Everything is appreciated and will go towards ensuring Isa is happy & healthy through this journey! & please know that I am documenting every step of the way to be a recourse for other families in future.