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Jumbo Slime Kit

Jumbo Slime Kit

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Endless fun with 55 piece JUMBO SLIME KIT

  • A GUARANTEED HIT! This is the perfect Slime Kit for slime obsessed kids of all ages! This slime kit is an excellent way to incorporate sensory play in your child’s activities. Slime making encourages kids to explore while enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills without the use of technology. Slime kits provide interactive fun & stress free family time! Less Screens, More Play!

 Features & details

  • Jumbo Slime Making Kit Includes - 18 different colored slimes, 3 cutting/shaping utensils, 3 plastic straws, 1 space slime egg, 2 sets of slice mix-ins, 3 cup molds, 12 vials of colored glitter & beads, 4 bags of sugar paper, 4 bags of fishbowl beads, 4 bags of foam balls, 3 animal molds, plastic slime storage container
  • Everything You Could Ever Need - This giant slime kit for girls and boys comes with over 50 different items! Why give the gift of regular, boring toys when you could have 18 beautifully wacky colors of crystal slime ranging from clear slime, to purple slime, 12 types of glitter, various foam beads, fishbowl beads, plastic fruit slices as well as sparkly sugar paper. Oh, and don't forget the tool kit and straws used to manipulate the slime.
  • Brain Booster - Unlike most tablets and toys for girls and boys, our slime supplies help unleash your little one's creativity and help them develop their motor skills as well as enhanced hand-eye coordination! Grownups can play too! Arts and crafts for girls and boys have been proven to be some of the best stress relief toys. Don't bother buying stress balls for kids, slime is the best for stress relief!
  • Great Holiday Gift - if you are looking for a gift this Jumbo Slime Kit is a guaranteed HIT! Perfect gift for boys & girls ages of 4-12 year old.  Slime Kits make great birthday gifts for 4 to 12 year old girls and boys as well as awesome PARTY FAVORS for kids and adults.
  • Safe and Non Toxic - Made with eco-friendly material, our slime and slime containers are washable, reusable, safe and DO NOT contain borax powder. Quality-tested non-toxic formulas are 100% safe for kids and adults. ASTM certified. Recommended for children 4 and up. Do not eat.


Why isn't my slime stretchy?

Our slime is borax free, which makes it safer for kids. That also means that when you first take it out of the container, it may be a little stiff. Don’t worry! Warm slime in your hand for 60 seconds. Pull & stretch slime slowly for maximum stretch!


How do I mix slime accessories?

With slime on a flat, clean surface, place the accessories you want in the middle of the slime. Fold slime edges over your slime accessories, and continue folding slime over and over. Enjoy your new slime creation!


How do I remove slime from fabric?

If slime gets onto fabric, first try to remove any excess slime you can remove easily by hand, thoroughly soak the area with distilled white vinegar, let it sit for 30-60 seconds, then scrub and rinse with warm water.

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